Sremska Mitrovica - Sirmium

09 Nov 2022
Sremska Mitrovica - Sirmium

To make the site more visible to everyone, starting with the local authorities and the public, but also internationally, and to provide better solutions for the protection and management of the site.

Three of the 10 open sites are protected and presented in different ways to the public. There is currently work being done in preparation for the fourth one to be protected. There is also a plan to work on the protection of another site in near future. The rest is in danger of irreversible damage and needs immediate action, which is not provided at the moment because of the deficient financial support. However, local authorities and representatives of the Institute for the protection of the cultural monuments Sremska Mitrovica made the decision to cover all other existing sites. They did it already with one, site 4, which was actually the only one with enough elements to be reconstructed in Sirmium.

To brand already existing open sites together with the museum as an archaeological park in order to connect different institutions for the protection of the cultural heritage and to provide better information on the site and find a better solution for the preservation.

More planned improvements are explained in the ARCHEO PLAN.