Alba Iulia - Apulum Domus-Thermae archaeological park

27 Feb 2023
Alba Iulia - Apulum Domus-Thermae archaeological park

We aim to formulate the necessary framework for implementation of an urban archaeological park in Alba Iulia, in the Domus-Thermae sector.

The aim of their Local Archeo plan is to create the necessary framework of information needed by the local authorities and heritage institutions to create an urban archaeological park. Their document is a cumulative effort made by specialists from various areas of expertise, archaeologists, architects, restorers, conservators.

The presence of an archaeological park in the city will greatly involve the local population and tourists in new ways to learn about heritage while increasing awareness about the site’s importance. It will act as a stepping stone to further develop other similar objectives within the historical city to help promote the site to national and international tourists.

They wish to include Apulum on the World Heritage List and the degree of integrity and authenticity of the site are essential conditions for inclusion on the UNESCO tentative list.

The project proposes a protective housing for the Roman ruins, which consist of a domus (roman house), a road, another building and a bath (thermae). Regarding the overall image, the design aims to create a light framework that guards the archaeological finds. The treatment of the new volumes and the materials used is minimal by choice, to clearly mark the border between past and present, but also not to distract the visitor from the historical elements. The new structure uses modern materials, such as steel, concrete and glass, transposed in a rectangular manner, creating permeable spaces (visually and physically). The visitor is welcomed through a glass bridge that leads under the concrete canopies. The transparency of the glass gives the observer the possibility to see the connections between buildings and exterior spaces. The concrete roofs are designed with green terraces offset from the edges; these terraces hold acclimatised vegetation that can be seen from the buildings surrounding the site. The openings of the created spaces and the glass bridges offer a historical-view, an objective observation level. The incomplete or missing historical elements will be suggested through white steel wireframes, designed as a new skeleton that rebuilds the lost object. The routes inside the complex are relatively simple, with large spaces that serve as pauses in the itinerary. The outside openings can be used for other relaxation activities, such as film screenings, discussions, workshops or lectures.

Apulum archeotour:

They aim is to integrate the newly created archaeological park in an archeotouristic circuit that would include a route along the Roman imperial road (N-S), in the eastern entrance area of the Roman city, near the XIII Gemina Legion fortress in Alba Iulia. The archeotouristic route will include a series of archeologically locations, where Roman remains have been discovered and which will benefit from a conservation-restoration project.

A map with the main archaeological related objectives was imagined, building a natural tour around the old part of the city, so walking around is pleasant, traffic not being that heavy in that area. Restaurants and coffee shops are around providing tourists the comfort they need in a cultural trip.

Further planned developments and interesting information are described in the ARCHEO PLAN.