Sarajevo - Debelo brdo – Vranjače

27 Feb 2023
Sarajevo - Debelo brdo – Vranjače

Due to the importance of the archaeological site Debelo brdo – Vranjače, it is necessary to continue systematic archaeological excavations, as it has great archaeological potential for the construction of a future archaeological park.

The goal is to systematically investigate the site to establish an archaeological park in the future. We want to integrate the locality of Vranjače with the locality of Debelo brdo into one unit. It is planned to carry out the research in 6 campaigns, which will be organized once a year. Only during the excavation will we get clearer information about the site, which in the future could be turned into an archaeological park that would be accessible to the public.

The remains of archaeological finds at the Debelo brdo – Vranjače site are located on the plots of different owners. The sites are located partially in a settlement and partially in an uninhabited are, both in a hilly area. The total area of the site that will be explored in the coming period is: 120.035 m². Currently, the site is in a very bad and neglected condition.

To establish an archaeological park, it is first of all necessary to systematically explore the entire area of the Debelo brdo and Vranjače sites. The Municipality of Centar Sarajevo will initiate systematic archaeological research. Systematic archaeological excavations will be carried out by the Institute of Archaeology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo.

After the archaeological excavations, when planning the establishment of the archaeological park, new infrastructure will have to be built. A hiking and biking trail will be built. Public lighting and security systems need to be done. In addition to arranging the site, it is necessary to install furniture such as trash bins, benches, etc.

Further planned developments and interesting information are described in the ARCHEO PLAN.