Cherven - Medieval town of Cherven

27 Feb 2023
Cherven - Medieval town of Cherven

Medieval Cherven is a remarkable city, with impressive ruins set in a memorable landscape. The museum team wants to turn the Medieval Cherven into an attractive public place to visit, relax, enjoy culture and learn, and an element of the cultural identity of local communities and a tourist attraction with unforgettable stories.

Planning of conservation and restoration works to present architectural elements of the medieval city in a new environment. This activity will not only preserve the found remains of archaeological excavations, but will also help to better interpret them.

A plan will be prepared to train staff in the possibilities of interpreting the cultural heritage in order to achieve a better presentation of the archaeological remains.

The plan will also envisage the development of new ways to involve the local population, whose support is key to the development of the site in the future. With the help of the local population, the supply of local cultural products related to heritage will also increase.

Planning activities to help people learn about heritage are especially important for the implementation of the Local Archaeological Plan, as they will include museum educational programs. In them the main focus is the local cultural heritage, and its study is a form of involving communities and individuals in the responsibility for the preservation and presentation of the medieval town of Cherven.

The plan also includes a strategy for audience development, as the increase in the tourist flow is a strong sign of success of the Plan and the management set in it.

The archaeological remains are the main exhibits located in situ on a hill near the village of Cherven. The total size of the archaeological reserve is 70 acres, and most of them - probably about 2/3 have been studied. The site has been studied since 1910, but nevertheless modern research is becoming increasingly important as it provides more information - both about the artefacts that are being discovered and the structure of the medieval city.

Many of the archaeological remains discovered in the medieval town of Cherven are on display and can be shown to the public. This is about 80% of the studied area, as well as most of the architectural remains.

We plan to erect interpretive panels to become fulcrums in the process of general interpretation of the site. Some of them will include QR codes, as well as a connection to a smartphone app. Undoubtedly, the archaeological site needs a centre for interpretation, but at the moment there is no possibility for its construction. Therefore, for such a centre we will use some of the exhibitions at the Rousse Museum. We will use the following interpretive media on site:

  • Information boards on site.
  • A system of QR codes that will increase information.
  • Leaflets-guides to direct to separate parts of the archaeological park.
  • Treasure hunts - smartphone app.

Further planned developments and interesting information are described in the ARCHEO PLAN.