Vodnjan - Park kažuna

27 Feb 2023
Vodnjan - Park kažuna

Kažun - a symbol that unites the tradition, customs and persistence of the "Istrian man", is valorised through the promotion of agricultural production, local products. Cultural manifestations have become and remain an unavoidable motive for visiting Vodnjan, which significantly contributes to the well-being of the local community.

Establish a management system with clearly defined research activities, protection, conservation, restoration and sustainable valorisation of Kažuni. Define models/programs for popularization, promotion and education of key stakeholders and the local population on topics related to Kažuni and drywall heritage. Establish cooperation at the national and international level with experts, researchers, associations and other professional community about different topics related to Kažuni and dry wall construction.

The park Kažuna - a "drywall heritage park" includes the reconstruction of one kažun in four phases; the first implies the construction of the foundation, the second the construction of the wall to the roof, the third the construction of the roof - gromače, while the fourth represents the completion of the construction itself, i.e. ready kažun.

The park also includes:

  • An info-point where visitors can learn about the history of Vodnjan and its area, information about olive oil, wine and Vin de Rosa, and information about accommodation.
  • Souvenir shop (possibility of tasting and buying olive oil, wine and handmade souvenirs
  • Coffee bar and toilets

Park Kažuna is managed by the company Castelier d.o.o. (founded by the City of Vodnjan- Dignano) which also does educational, promotional and informative activities, offers organized tours with expert guidance on the topic of kažuni for smaller and larger groups.

Purchase of a digital outdoors totem for better promotion of the locality.

Organization of thematic workshops of drywall building technique for:

  • Children in schools
  • Old people
  • Tourists
  • Expert public

Further planned developments and interesting information are described in the Archeo Plan.