Chisinau - Constantin and Elena Church

27 Feb 2023
Chisinau - Constantin and Elena Church

The general vision of the site concerns the creation of the first urban archaeological park in the municipality of Chisinau, both to familiarize the locals with this concept and to create a precedent in terms of archaeological parks.

An important objective is to offer a cultural alternative for foreign tourists that are mainly familiar with the wine culture in the country and less with archaeology, which in the capital is kept in restricted academic circles. Taking into account the many locations with archaeological potential in the city, the first archaeological park could set the direction in which the sites can be developed and the ways to value them. Moreover, a well-arranged archaeological park could offer an alternative for the existing parks in the capital that are overcrowded, highlighting the cultural aspect of the city, something that would increase the number of foreign tourists.

If the financial requirements are met, the optimal scenario would be the development of a local archaeological park.

The local archaeological park is planned to be a museum park, but also a place of recreation with an interactive profile. Investments are planned in the construction of some buildings that would serve as exhibition areas but also areas to ensure the work infrastructure for the park staff and expenses for the development of the territory.

The following investments are planned until the start of the Park’s activity:

  • Archaeological research;
  • Architectural solutions:
    • Entrance area
    • Public food area
    • Exhibition area
    • Administrative area
    • Technical area
    • Recreation area
  • Operating expenses for the first year of activity;
  • Other expenses.

Further planned developments and interesting information are described in the ARCHEO PLAN.