Balchik - Late Antique and Medieval Fortress

27 Feb 2023
Balchik - Late Antique and Medieval Fortress

The Late Antique fortress is the largest in area in Bulgaria from this period and unfortunately it has not received a worthy place in cultural tourism and the interest of tourists is minimal. Advertising, restoration and a different presentation of the site are needed to generate interest and a flow of visitors.

In 2009, the Balchik Historical Museum and the "Kliment Ohridski" University concluded a cooperation agreement, and joint research of the late antique and medieval fortress in the "Horizon" district continues to this day. Despite its enormous potential, the Late Antique and Medieval fortress in the "Horizon" quarter is not visited by tourists. It is not included in tourist routes, despite advertising with brochures, promotional films and an annual Archeological survey together with students from the third year majoring in "Archeology", with professors.

Short-term goals should include systematic cleaning and maintenance of the site.

The long-term goals:

  • Turning the fortress into a tourist attraction, presentation activities and interactive museum attractions in the open air and indoors.
  • Making object hologram and exhibit hologram.
  • Construction of seating for visitors, a stage for events and a rope attraction that will connect the Archeological park with Balchik Park and the sports field in one whole complex.
  • The main part of the Archeological park will naturally be the cultural value, but an integral part of it will be the museum, the Archeological base, pedestrian walkways, pedestrian areas where visitors can rest and green areas. 

The LAP is a conceptual project to promote, advertise and develop the cultural and historical site, to increase the tourist flow, protect the Archeological heritage, improve the vision and attractive presentation to tourists. Its transformation into a cultural-historical destination, a tourist attraction and a place for entertainment.

Include guided tours, re-enactments of events and rituals, cultural programs, screenings of films about Balchik and its historical heritage, holograms and other interpretive methods. The immovable cultural value should be turned into an archaeological park, which has an educational purpose, but also includes areas for recreation and entertainment. The fortress is located next to a city park and a sports field. The plan proposes the construction of gazebos with benches near the fortress, a wooden amphitheatre stage for the performances and the cultural program and a rope attraction connecting two wooden battle towers and a wooden bridge to ride on for fun. The amphitheatre and the rope attraction will be the connecting elements of the fortress with the park and the sports field.

Further planned developments and interesting information are described in the Archeo Plan.