Balchik pilots in the Archeo Sky

Balchik pilots in the Archeo Sky

A pilot action is an activity that is only meant to last for a short period of time. Its purpose is to test out ideas, concepts, methods, or products before committing to a longer-term implementation plan. A smaller-scale version of a larger project is referred to as a "pilot project."

BATTI’s team has identified the archeological site of the city with the greatest potential, which can be a new point of interest not only for tourists and archeologists, but for everyone in between. This fortress in the Horizon quarters dates back to the 6th century AD. BATTI and the associated partner, Balchik Municipality, have done all of this and more in the Archeodanube project.

Together with our affiliated partner, we have worked with some of the most well-known experts in the field to come up with a plan to turn the fortress into a modern archeological park that anyone who cares about preserving culture should be interested in. The HORIZON FORTRESS Local Archeo Plan, which was created in accordance with the local archeoplan guidebook, is an example of the type of project deliverable that gives the impression that the entire enterprise is very real, very helpful, and very exciting. We have planned every step of turning this cultural heritage into a place where the old and the new meet, where history is shown in a new way, and where people of all ages can take part in activities on the premises. These activities range from witnessing archeological works to visiting recreations of ancient weapons and machines used during this time period, as well as simply having a nice, quiet place to relax. This is the type of paper that provides the municipality with a vision for financing their newest and most exciting tourist attraction, which is the Horizon archeological park. The Archeoplan satisfies all of the cultural and recreational needs that are present in the community.

We have put our hearts and souls into making the incredible pilot action video, which includes drone footage and professional narration of the most important information to know about the ancient city of Dionisiopolis, and we have also designed and printed thousands of informational brochures. In addition, we have installed several information signs with all of Balchik's cultural sites.